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Legzira beach

40 €

Legzira is one of the most beautiful and amazing beaches in Morocco, it is located about 150 km south of Agadir. It is unique in its own way as it has those two majestic red stone arches carved by sea water and wind. ​ After leaving Agadir towards Legzira beach, we will have a quick stop at the old walled city of Tiznit (known as Silver city) to discover the city and grab a quick drink or use the restrooms, after the Tiznit pause will head towards Legzira beach. As the lunchtime arrives, you will be given lunch depending on your choice. We have both Non-Vegetarian as well as Vegetarian food options available. It is suggested that you try out Moroccan cuisine as it tastes different from other types of cuisines. Feel free to spend the entire midday on the beach how you like, either by walking on the coastline, or relaxing under the sunshine and feeling the waves of the ocean... The return to the hotel is usually scheduled around 6 o'clock in the evening. Notes to Consider Don't forget to take your swimming suits if you are planning to jump into the water. ​